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What are WOGSS!? (Terms) & 
 What Are We Doing!? (World-Wide  Goals & Advanced Instructions for Daily Workings)
What is the Holy Guardian Angel?


WOGSS: Whores of Goddess Scientists, "A Goddess Chaos Crowley Kali Qovan"  i.e. an Independent Scientific/Religious Order of "Anarcho-Gnostic Thelemic Discordian Draconian Scientists".  

We are Secret Servants of the Star, the Snake & the Sword, as in The Book of the Law, & work to enjoy and exalt the Universe, Its Life, & Its Spirit (The World the Flesh & the Devil), in the many Names of  "the Mother, the Sun & the Holy Devil!" As Priests & Priestesses (Concubines, Conjurers, & Conquers) we relentlessly serve the Goddess (as Hierodules) however personally called, & together seek the Liberation & Illumination of Humankind (as Shamans) by any means necessary! Our Key methods of perpetrating OM (Operation Mindfuck) and Zen-archic Awakening are "Spiritual Whoredom, Liberation Blasphemy, & Scientific Illuminism" in order to Create & Incite Occult Rebellion, Magickal Chaos & Art for Babalon!

Awake! Arouse! Arise! Adore!

Anarkey, Anarkissed, Anarchrist!

We seek to Whoreship & Exalt Our Lady Babalon by Entering the Unknown & Understanding the Mysteries! And so we pursue "Another Antinomian Arcanum" by Assimilating "Archetypes, Atavisms & Apostasies" with the process of "Transgression, Transcendence & Transmission" We are Polycultural, Polytheistic, & Polyamorous, and promote Public Promiscuity, Transcendental Polytheism & Sacred Prostitution! We are Ant-racist, Anti-stateist, and Anti-dogmatic. (We will explain all these terms and formulas periodically as time and interest encourage)


Broad Goals and Agenda: 

0. Cultivate Worldwide Illumination
1. Instigate Rebellion in the Young
2. Subvert Traditional Religion/Authority
3. Undermine Patriarchal Family forms
4. Redistribute wealth toward the poor, esp. by Housing, Feeding, Treating, & Educating All for Free
5. Radicalize Spiritual Possibilities (Eclectic Experimentation, Spiritual Whoredom)
6. Foster Anti-Imperialist Polyculturalism
7. Promote a "One World or None" philosophy
8. Create a One World Representative Government
9. Produce an Egalitarian Individualist/Collectivist Society (Anarcho-Socialist)
10. Achieve Universal Disarmament & De-industrialization
11. Enact Re-Wilderness-ation and Gradual Depopulation
12. Destroy "Outer" X-tianity Judaism & Islam, (Save the Inner Mystical forms: Gnosticism, Qabalism & Sufism)  as well as all forms of Totalitarianism, Nationalism, Ethnocentrism, Racism, Sexism, Consumerist Capitalism, etc.
13. Re-establish Temple Prostitution Goddess Worship, and exalt all Sacred Whores (Heirodules)
14. Decriminalize All Victimless Crimes: Prostitution, Drug Use, Pornography, Homosexuality, Adultery, Blasphemy, etc.
15. Allow Eugenic/Genetic Improvements in Human Species
16. Develop Technological Enhancements to Mind and Body
17. Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension (SMI2LE)18. Lead all to aspire to the "Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel/Daemon", their Inner God & True Will.
19. Establish Contact with the Universal "Community of Stars", or Stellar Illuminati.
19. Transcendence of Corporeal Existence, Time, and Space.


Daily Spiritual Work toward the Great Work (Advanced Adorations)

1. Remember and Immediately Record all dreams in Dream Journal, kept next to bed.
2. Arise & give Signs of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (The Enterer) and Hoor-Par-Kraat (Silence) over Alter or Toward East.
3. Perform the Four Daily
Adorations of Our Lord the Sun (Liber Resh) at Dawn, Noon, Sunset, & Midnight (keeping in mind that it's always all four of these, somewhere on Earth).
4. Perform Nightly, or under the Moon, the Adoration of the current phase of Our Lady the Moon - New(5 Nights), Waxing(9 Nights), Full(5), & Waning(9).
5. Say Will at all meals.
6. Mentally Repeat the Name "Babalon" whenever drinking anything from any Vessel.
7. Purify & Consecrate whenever washing self or objects. (Purification: "For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect." Consecration: "I am uplifted in thine heart, and the kisses of the stars rain hard upon thy body.")
8. Meditate daily as desired for at least 1/2 Hour.
9. Perform one Magick Ritual as desired daily. (Star Ruby, Star Saphire, Liber Reguli, the Mass of the Phoenix, Middle Pillar Ritual, Liber Samekh,
Lucifer Invocation (in "Cosmology & Rituals" Section), or others, (& see Daemonolatriea for more.)
10. Study daily from The Holy Books of Thelema, or other Spiritual Texts.
11. Recite Adoration of Babalon outdoors each Night
 12. Record all daily work in Magickal Record.
13. Recite "Apo Pantos Kakodaemonos!" when passing enemy clergy, with sweep of one hand from Silence Sign down & back.
14. Dream Test continually for Lucid Dreams, esp. near sleep.
15. End day with Signs of Nuit, Hadit, & Ra-Hoor-Khuit, (from Liber Reguli), x3
16. Combat oppression everywhere with Anarcho-Zen Chaos, (Way of the PAN-ZEN-TAO).
17. Let every act be one of dedication to the Great Work, the Knowledge & Conversation of Your Holy Guardian Daemon/Angel!


What is the Holy Guardian Angel!?

"The Knowledge & Conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel" (HGA) is the Classic term for the Ineffable Encounter that is the first Aim of Initiation. It is Unique & Personal, as it is written, "No man may know the Name of his brothers God", obviously not to forbid discussion among Initiates (everyone knows that Aleister Crowleys' "Angel" was Aiwass, & many use this Holy Name for their own HGA until ITS' True Name for them is communicated) but to recognize the Incommunicable & Uniquely Individual nature of each ones experience of this Central & Universal Goal of the Great Work, the Attainment of the True Gnosis. Nevertheless this Great Goal can be pointed to & suggested in many ways, until one stops looking at the pointer and Sees what is being pointed to! Therefore here are some of the Names by which the Holy Guardian Angel is foreshadowed (though mostly bright,  anthropomorphic & male these are conventions and again not necessarily true-for-all):

Holy Guardian Angel
Daemon, Daimonos (God, Fate, Genius, Destiny, Devil), Adonai (The Lord), Agoeides: (The Dawn Light), Emergent Awareness, Solar Consciousness, Aiwass-Shaitan, Asar-Un-Nefer (Myself made Perfect), Horus-Set, Sun behind the Sun, Heru-Ra-Ha: Ra-Hoor-Khuit & Hoor-Par-Kraat, Crowned & Conquering Child, Ptah-Apo-Phrasz-Ra (The Creative Motion of the Sun - An Identity (Hadit) wrapped in the Dragon of Being (Nuit) and so Manifested as a Sun (Ra-Hoor-Khuit)), Solar-Phallic Identity, Akephalon ( Bornless One), Silent/Secret -Self -Center -Lover, Anima/Animus, Hidden God, Higher Genius, True Self, True Will (Dynamic Aspect of the Free Creative Will), Androgynous Alien (Gnostic God), Heart Girt with a Serpent (HGS), Egg wrapped in a Serpent, Archaios Ophis (Ancient Serpent), Superconsciousness (Illumination), Lucidity, Nous (Divine Mind), Neshamah (Divine Breath): Kether-Chokhmah-Binah, Yechidah (The Only One): Kether, Bindu, Atman, Ipsissimus, Abrasax (Two in One), Baphomet (Baptism of Wisdom): Hieroglyph of Arcane Perfection, Divine/Cosmic Consciousness: Lucifer - Indra - Krishna - Christ - Quetzalcoatl - Apollo - Adonis - Osiris - Odin - Buddha - Thammuz - Mithras - Dionysus - Prometheus - Shiva - Set - Satan (All Sun Gods, Dying/Reborn-Child Gods, &/or Gods of Transcendence)
and/or whatever is to the individual the Sign & Being of his or her Inmost Aspiration to Truth!

(see Great Work, Eschaton, & HGA page for new related material)

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