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Syzygys: False Dichotomies, or, Dualities Unified.
Compare & Contrast Symmetrical Relationships of Interpenetrating Complementary Opposites.

Truth is a Three Edged Sword. It is the Dynamic Tension between "opposites" that creates the energy that powers Creative Change and Evolution. Opposites are always intrinsically related and progress to a Higher Synthesis. Crowley called it the "None - Two Orgiastic Dynamism". One must Transcend the Polarization of Ideas, even as they are grasped dualistically, and fight Dualistic Absolutism, also known as Binary Fascism, which is the tendency to insist on the (false) ultimate separation of "opposing" Points of View, Philosophies, Countries, Races or whatever. Do not regard either one side of any Duality as "good" or "evil" except in a limited (local) way, despite the Values given near the end of the list where I clearly favor the "Left" (Column & Philosophically).
     Every Idea contains its own Opposite. Nothing is True save by the Contradiction contained within Itself. Below the Abyss contradiction is division, Above the Abyss contradiction is Unity. Correct every idea by implying the contradictory contained therein. Behold all opposites as necessary complements. Unite all apparent opposites in a Transcendent (Higher) Synthesis. Use the Dynamic Tension between Contraries to propel yourself beyond yourself. "Any idea not so equilibrated with its opposite is below the Abyss, is unbalanced and contains in itself an unmitigated duality or falsehood, & is to that extent qliphotic & dangerous." (Aleister Crowley)
     "Every number is infinite; there is no difference." "Make no difference between any one thing and any other thing," "...if ye confound the space-marks, saying: They are one; or saying, They are many; ...then expect the direful judgments of Ra Hoor Khuit!" (The Book of the Law).
     Donít confuse the linguistic meta-levels. Deny false dichotomies (binary fascism, dualistic absolutism) by Uniting all opposites. Let every idea go forth as a triangle on the base of two opposites, making an apex transcending their contradiction in a higher harmony.
     There is no Division between the Light & the Dark, Higher & Lower, Inner & Outer, etc.
     Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether, after another manner. As Above, so below. (Principle of Fractile Symmetry, or Parallelism across all scales of Being.)
     Ask: "when does "A" appear to be "B" ?", for any duality.
     Remember: "in the Greater Context of" to resolve any apparent conflict/paradox at a higher linguistic meta-level, i.e. "Order in the Greater Context of Chaos", "Suffering in the Greater Context of Ecstasy", "Lies in the Greater Context of Truth", etc.
     Keep in mind the following concepts: Nothing is "mutually exclusive", A is not A. Syncrisis: Combination of Opposites. Conjunction of Correspondents, Rhythmic Juxtaposition, Continuum of Contraries, Dualistic Symmetry, etc.
     Some Contrary Principles or Antitheses may be "opposed" only on certain scales of meaning, in specific contexts, or along certain continuum, & may be found on the other Column, or opposite other Principles, in different contexts. Items are generally arranged vertically within categories according to similarity of concept in order to make the reasoning more apparent by comparison with nearby Pairs.
     Finally, I have chosen Pairs which seemed the most significant to me according to the Deeper rather then the Shallower significance when appropriate, and so to be consistent with my own overall Understanding of the Multiverse at this time.

(Movement is phenomenologically from Left to Right, then Back from Right to Left   ">". From Pre-Being (Chaos) to Being & back to Post-Being (UnderWorld), so that in one sense the Left Column is Both First & Last, Higher & Lower, with the Right Column the "Middle". This is a subtle point but need not trouble the ordinary Transcendental Researcher).

Column 0                     Column 1

Primary Polar Pairs
TAO                            TAO
TAO                            Teh
TAO                            Yin/Yang
Teh                              Yin/Yang
Yin                               Yang
Inner                            Outer
Negative                       Positive
Receptive                     Active
Contraction                  Expansion
Absorption                   Projection
Female (),O                 Male I,1
Dark/Night                   Light/Day
Zero/Nothing               Two/Everything
Non-Being                   Being
Being                           Becoming
Boundless                    Bounded
Left Side                      Right Side
Off                              On
Passive                        Active
Matter                         Energy
Unistic                         Dualistic
Unity                           Polarity
Simple                         Complex
Chaos                         Order
Unconditioned             Conditioned
Inconceivable              Conceivable
Infinite                         Finite
Universal                     Individual
Transcendent               Immanent
Non-Local                  Local
Everywhere                 One Place
Eternity                        History
Timelessness                In Time
Simultaneous               Sequential
Holistic                        Linear
Wholes                        Parts
Diffuse                         Focal
Macrocosm                 Microcosm
Other World                This World
Past                             Future
Space                          Time
Matter                         Motion
Enter                           Exit
Reception                    Expression
Essence                       Existence
Other                           Self
Object                         Subject
Quality                        Quantity

Initiated Religion & Occulture:
Involution                     Evolution
Nemesis                       Apotheosis
Meditational                 Ceremonial
Mystical                       Magickal
Mystery                       Mundanity
Secret                          Revealed
Unknown                     Known
Sacred                         Profane
Esoteric                       Exoteric
Spiritual                       Secular
Spirituality                   Religion
Religion                       Science
Transcendent               Grounded
Gnosis                         Knowledge
Sunyata/Void               Maya/Illusion
Pleroma                       Monad
Ain Soph (Nothing)      Kether (Big Bang)
Binah                           Chokmah
Yesod (Foundation)     Tiphareth (Sun-Heart)
Malkuth (Universe)      Kether (Center)
Light                            Sight
Khu (Light Body)         Khabs (Star Soul)
Triangle                        Eye in the...)
Egg                              Serpent
Goddess                      Horned God
Maiden/Mother            Mate/Child
& Crone to God           & Father to Goddess    
Circumference              Center
Nowhere                      Everywhere
Infinite Circle                Omnipresent Point
Extension/Potentiality    Motion/Position
Infinite Expansion          Infinite Contraction
Nuit                              Hadit
Anu                              Adad
Isis (Sirius)                   Osiris (Orion)
Ishtar                            Tammuz
Anat                             Baal
Nuit                              Set-Horus
Hoor-Paar-Kraat          Ra-Hoor-Khuit
Set (Night Devil)           Horus (Sun God)
Aiwass - 418                Aiwaz - 93
Nox                              Lux
Stellar                           Solar
Draconia                       Shaitan
Babalon 156 (Lunar)     The Beast 666 (Solar)
Universal Impersonal Life  The God-Animal
Whore                          Trickster
Flesh/Body                   Spirit/Soul
Sphinx                          Pyramid
Mother Religion            Father Religion
Polytheistic                   Monotheistic
Stars/Moon/Earth         Sky/Sun/Heaven
Ocean/Space                Mountain/Planet
Many Stars                   One Sun
Choice/Doubt               Dogma/Belief
Question                       Answer
Heresy                          Orthodoxy
Ecumenical                    Fundamentalist
Fusion                           Fission
Union                            Division
Combination                 Separation
Synthesis                      Analysis
Destruction                   Creation
Coagula                        Solve
Sex (Union)                  Birth (Projection)
Rebirth (Cycles)            Death (Start-Stop)
Birth (Fertility)               Life (Conflict)
Death (Union)               Life (Isolation)
Love                             Will
Perception                    Will
Inward                          Outward
Water-Love-Wine-        Fire-Light-Blood-
    To Keep Silent             To Dare
Earth-Life-Bread-          Air-Liberty-Rose-
   To Will                         To Know

Other General Correspondences:
Absorbing                     Penetrating
Constriction                  Expanding
Dark Matter                 Dark Energy
Gravity                         Anti-Gravity
Black Hole                   White Hole (Quasar)
Subtract                       Add
Multiply                        Divide
Exponential                  Additive
Context                        Facts
Both/And                     Either/Or
Generality                     Particularity
Depth                           Surface
Ground                         Figure
Background                  Foreground
Behind                          Before
Back                            Front
Hole                             Hill
Under                           Over
Depth                           Height
Averse                          Aright
Reverse                        Obverse
Horizontal                     Vertical
Habit/Inertia                  Novelty/Change
Position                         Momentum
Wave                            Particle
Rest                              Movement
Silence                          Speech
Peace                            Power
Melody                         Rhythm
Harmony                       Note/Tone

Philosophical Concepts, Methods, Beliefs:
Epicureanism                 Stoicism
Rationalist                      Empiricist
Existentialist                   Positivist
Experiential                   Conceptual
Dionysian                      Apollonian
Sensuous                       Intellectual
Romantic                      Classicist
Bohemian                      Philistine
Nominalist                     Realist
Idealist                          Realist
Mystic                          Materialist
Dialectical                     Empirical
Gestalt                          Analytic
Symbolic                       Actual
Metaphorical                 Literal
Objective                      Subjective
Zeitgeist                        Event
Free                              Directed
Random                        Controlled
Freewill/Choice             Predetermination/Fate
Synchronistic                 Causal
Relativistic/Einsteinian    Materialistic/Newtonian
Curved Space               Flat Space
Holism                          Atomism
Analog                          Digital         
Potential                       Actual
Tacit                             Explicit
Latent                           Overt

Psychological Components - Nouns:
Anima                          Animus
Understanding              Wisdom
Perception                   Will
Insight                          Outlook
Memory                       Cognition
Creativity                      Practicality
Imagination                   Reason
Intuition                        Reason
Subconscious               Conscious
Superconsciousness      Normal Consciousness
Collective Unconscious Personal Subconscious
Objective Awareness    Subjective Awareness
Eros                             Thanatos
Libido                           Superego
Desire                           Fear
Oral Stage (Infant)        Anal Stage (Toddler)
Latent Stage (Child)      Genital Stage (Adult)
Expectation                   Actuality
Pleasure Orientation      Performance Orientation
Pleasure Principle          Reality Principle
Id                                 Ego
Being                            Identity
True/Inner Self              False/ Outer Self
Shadow                        Persona
Body                            Mind
Sensation                      Thought
Bio-gram                      Logo-gram
Behavioral                    Semantic
Lotus                            Robot
Eidetic                          Discursive
Integral Mind                Rational Mind
Intuitive Awareness       Rational Awareness
Synthetic Thought         Reductive Thought
Lateral Thought            Vertical Thought
Spatial Awareness        Linear Awareness
Non-Verbal                 Verbal
Nemesis                       Hubris
Flight Response            Fight Response

Psychological Functions - Verbs/Adverbs:
Synthesizing                  Analyzing
Feeling                         Thinking
Mythic Thinking            Positivist Thinking
Lateral Thinking            Vertical Thinking
Divergent Thinking        Convergent Thinking 
Reflective Thinking        Active Thinking
Free Association           Logical Progression
Induction                      Deduction
Contemplation              Action
Dependence                 Autonomy
Relaxation                     Tension
Inertia                           Activity
Feeling                          Doing
Love                             Lust
Neo-phobia                  Neo-philia
Objectivity                    Subjectivity
Self-Transcending         Self-Asserting
Self-Negation               Self-Assertion
Withdrawal                   Participation
Primary Function          Secondary Function
Cyclothymic                 Schizoid
Inner Directed              Outer Directed
   (Willed) Behavior          (Reactive) Behavior

Other Psychological Pairs:
Old (Inner) Brainstem  New (Outer) Neocortex
Hind Brain                   Fore Brain
Right Brain:                  Left Brain:
Intuition                        Intellect
Intuitive                        Logical
Imaginative                   Deductive
Appositional                 Propositional
Spiritual Holism            Scientific Atomism
Internal Relations          External Facts
Doubt                           Conviction
Abstract                       Concrete
Abstracting                   Realizing
Poetic                           Descriptive
Metaphorical                Literal
Mythological                Rational
Relational                     Analytic
Experience                   Argument
Sensuous                      Intellectual
Net (Convergent)         Tree (Divergent)
Map                             Territory
Territory                       Map
Meta-Level                  Object-Level
System                         Environment
Existential                     Differential
Spatial                          Serial
Gestalt Intuition             Inferential Intuition
Correlates                     Relation
Autistic                         Realistic
Ampliative                    Explicative
Tacit                             Explicit
Compositional               Reductionist
Reculer                         Sauter
Theoria                         Praxis
Nature                          Nurture

Political/Social Qualities & Conditions:
Hunter/Gatherer           Agricultural/Settled
Rural                            Urban
Heterarchical                Hierarchical
Egalitarian                     Elitist
Altruism                        Egotism
Equality                        Stratification
Dissent                         Authority
Rebellion                      Obedience
Defiance                       Acceptance
Liberty                          Conformity
Subversion                    Patriotism
Progressive                   Reactionary
Liberal                          Conservative
Idealistic                        Realistic
Arts                              Sciences
Community                   Agency
Sexuality                       Aggression
Synergetic                     Antagonistic
Dependence                  Autonomy
Collective                      Personal
Society                          Self
Solidarity                       Solitary
Being Values:                 Ego Values:
   Intuition                          Intellect
   Feeling                            Reason
   Reality                            Morality
   Differentiation                  Differences
   Pacifism                          Militarism
   Cooperation                    Competition
   Win/Win                         Win/Lose 
   Permissive                       Restrictive
   Democratic                     Authoritarian
   Spontaneous                   Inhibited
   Hedonistic                       Asceticism
   Passion Encouraged        Discipline Encouraged
   Dissent Valued                Loyalty Valued
   Socialist Ideals                Individualist Ideals
   Differences Minimized     Differences Maximized
   Death Accepted/             Death Feared/
      Celebrated                      Repressed
Liberation                     Oppression
Expression                    Repression
Empowerment              Domination
Integration                    Segregation
Inclusion                       Exclusion
Unitism                         Separatism


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