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Open Letter to All Allies

To all those who would daringly seek out the Feared & Forbidden (generally Yin, Lunar, & Female) Sides of Magickal (Un)Belief, & all Associates & Colleagues in 60+ Nations around the World & Beyond...


Hail Warriors & Allies of the Ancient Future! The Next Evolutionary Leap is fast approaching, & the World begins to go mad again. Or maybe it's just us. Either way we feel we must act now to spread our post-apocalyptic prophecies of Transcendence & hope they become self-fulfilling. Imminentize the Eschaton! Let the corrupting influence of human civilization be transformed by the Arising of the Future Vision, before the Earth is irreparably ruined for human (& post-human) life! Now at the start of a New Millennium, the failures of the past two can at last be cast off like our old Snake-skins. Nearly 2000 years of lies and guilt and hypocrisy are over! Also, by our counting this is not the mere year 2002, but the year 156,002, counting from the Dawn of Humankind, 78 times longer then you've been conditioned to think! Try to grasp the implications of that for Humanities self-image. To meet the future we must be in tune with ALL our Past, & refuse to be deprived of it any longer by blind denial & revisionist Judeo-Christian-Muslim bigotry against our ancient biological origins, and their justified panic at our Future Evolution after their Armageddon!

Awaken Yourself

WOGSS want to free you from false cultural constructs about reality by injecting even more Diversity, Doubt, Mystery, Uncertainty, Chaos, Rebellion & Transcendence into the worldwide cultural mix, & so restore Individual Sovereignty to the "religion game" which will determine mass human perspective on our Future in the Universe. There is no Priest but Yourself, seek your own Hidden God/Secret Lover/Daemon. Then knowing Union with THAT, offer all adoration to the Goddess Universe & Mother Earth! After this there is no limit to what we may become, in harmony with all existence. We at WOGSS don't know exactly what is going to happen but we know when it starts & that's NOW! We must seize the moment, & seize the World from its' path of total destruction to one of selective destruction & a New Creation of our own. Inter-dimensional Aliens of some kind we can't currently  imagine, (an Inner Supraconsciousness, our Transcendental Selves-in-the-future, or perhaps),  will help us open the doors of cosmic power, but we must do our part by preparing ourselves to deal with the totally unknown! We must be impeccable, dedicated, unblinking Warriors of a New Vision of Humankind, or there will be no humans left at all!

Pursue the Great Work

The Sacred Path of WOGSS is called "Shalu" which is the verb "To Ask" & a Name for "the Underworld" in ancient Babylonian. This indicates the Secret Key of Questioning Everything & thereby entering the Unknown Wilderness, the Forbidden Hell of Mystery outside the unquestioned security & slavery of "belief". Doubt and Free Inquiry, skeptical & devotional at once, leads the seeker behind the deceptions and distractions of everyday life, the lower ego,  and commercial society, into the terrifyingly limitless realms of infinity which are always within us but rarely known or even suspected. Tear down the hideous veils of ordinary drone-life (as it comes to an end anyway)! Aspire to Actualize And Accurately Arrange All Ancient Archetypes & Atavisms of your own Awareness, & Attain An Antinomian Apotheosis!

Enter the Mystery from Behind!

Our Artwork is, in part, to promote Spiritual Advancement now, to open your mind to limitless possibilities, and to inoculate you against the soul-stunning wonders & horrors soon to come! Plunge into the Ultimate Darkness without fear & thereby intensify your Inner Light to blinding brightness! (Existence is Contrast). Learn to Swim. We will to bring forth Humankinds primal instincts & assimilate them to an emerging transcendent consciousness as we leap into the Unknown Future!

Accordingly we seek & spread data on the following subjects: Alternative Cosmologies & Belief Systems (for learning to perceive multiple Points of View), the Law of Thelema  (Aleister Crowley), the Great Work  or "Next Step" also called  the "Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel/Daemon", Spiritual Initiation, Alchemical Transformation, Transcendental Illumination, Ritual & Ceremonial Magick, Goetic Demonology, Witchcraft, Technological Advances, Lucid Dreaming, Sex Magick, Shamanism (Primal & Techno), Saving the Earth, Return of the Goddess, Enochian Entities & Language, Alien Communion, Incubi & Succubi, Sexual Fetishes, Future Primitives, Anomalous events, Holy War, Illuminati Conspiracies, Freemasonry & Secret Societies, Underground Occulture, Tarot Card Divination, Idols & Sacred Artifacts, Fractal Synchronicities, Voudon Devotion, True Priestcraft, Cthonian & Draconian Currents, Necromancy, Chaos Magick, Black Science, Sexual Religion & Sacred Whoredom/Prostitution, Aghora & Tantra, Qabalistic analysis & Gematria, Paganism, Heathenism, Tibetan Buddhism, Surrealism, Satanism, Globalism, Survivalism, SubGenius Bulldada, Ultra-horror Films & Tapes, Black Metal & Hardcore Experimental Music, Astral Projection, Meditation, Hypnosis & Trance, Poltergeists & Possessions, Visions & Voices, Divine Revelations, Psychedelic Trips, Smart Drugs, Occult Experiments (Magickal & Mystical), Special Warnings & Emergency Actions for the Great Upheaval, & as many Allies & Contacts as possible in every part of the World!

Discover Your Divinity!

All these & more are, or will be, explored in our semi-annual Black Journals of Occult Rebellion, Magickal Chaos, & Art for Babalon: the Daemonolatriea! the Black Grimiors of Daemonic Whoreship!  These Zine-Journals are our continuing declaration of Spiritual Warfare against Humankinds monotonotheistic oppressors! We will to Incite Spiritual Revolution by amassing & presenting tens of thousands of Key alternate Ideas, Images, Symbols, & Surprises in an attempt to explosively represent the Anarchic Whoredom of Reality and break up the false complexes of fear and desire that keep you from finding your True Will. We also steal societies' media hooks & use them to pull your mind in a quite different direction then originally intended! We urge you to explore for yourself all the possibilities, then take back your right to unmediated access to the Inner Mysteries of your own Unique, Existence, until your life is a Divine Invocation of Yourself!

Get Connected

As always each single issue contains the total Ads Listings, updated July 2000, including 100s of Internet Websites, & 300+ Free Worldwide Contact Ads for the most incredible Hardcore, Occult, Artistic, Activist, Revolutionary, Anarchistic, Sacred, Satanick, Sexual & Radical Organizations & Individuals on Earth, & we are always accepting more, & encourage you to send in your regular or classified Ad for free today!

Turn Anger into Action!

Please submit any items of Occulture you find significant or suggestive, & reproduce Ideas & Images in our Journals that stand out to you, as thereby we shall pervade the whole human collective consciousness with our Super-Polytheistic plurality of Alternative Spiritual, Psychological, Cultural & Occult symbology, & unite all minds into an unstoppable force for polycultural exploration & evolutionary inter-action!

May this Set your Souls & Minds on Fire!

Yours in Hers, 

   Rev. Adtrian Cain, Primate Illuminatus  



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