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New Lists, Magickal Formulas, &Occult Priestcraft:


Great Work:
Next Step, Initiation, Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, Finding your True Will, Finding the Philosophers Stone, Gnosis, Bodhi, Illumination, Enlightenment, Becoming Lucid, Awakening, Attainment, Adeptship, Ascension, Arising, Self-Overcoming, Self-Realization, Self-Actualization, Apotheosis/Annihilation, Nirvana, Dissolution, Crossing the Abyss, Becoming Egoless, Transcendence, Transfiguration, Alchemical Transmutation, Transmogrification, Union with God, Yoga, Fusion, Samadhi, Oneness, At-One-Ment, Theophany, Epiphany, God-Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness.

End Times, Evolution, Culmination, Consummation, Convergence, Critical Mass, Climax, Fulfilment, Breakthrough, Emergence, Unveiling, Revelation, Great Leap, Transcendence, Turning Point, Timewave Zero, Omega Point, Apotheosis, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarok, Doomsday, Theophany, The Stars Come Right/Cthulhu Rises, Harvest, Rapture, Exponential Curve, Geometric Progression, Asymptotic Acceleration, Quickening, Synergistic Multiplication, Immanentizing the Infinite, Arrival, Visitation, First Contact, Entering the Dreamtime, Morphogenetic Unfolding.

Holy Guardian Angel (HGA):
Daemon, Daimonos (God, Fate, Genius, Destiny, Devil), Adonai (The Lord), Agoeides: (The Dawn Light), Emergent Awareness, Solar Consciousness, Aiwass-Shaitan, Asar-Un-Nefer (Myself made Perfect), Horus-Set, Sun behind the Sun, Heru-Ra-Ha: Ra-Hoor-Khuit & Hoor-Par-Kraat, Crowned & Conquering Child, Ptah-Apo-Phrasz-Ra (The Creative Motion of the Sun - An Identity (Hadit) wrapped in the Dragon of Being (Nuit) and so Manifested as a Sun (Ra-Hoor-Khuit)), Solar-Phallic Identity, Akephalon ( Bornless One), Silent/Secret -Self -Center -Lover, Anima/Animus, Hidden God, Higher Genius, True Self, True Will (Dynamic Aspect of the Free Creative Will), Androgynous Alien (Gnostic God), Heart Girt with a Serpent (HGS), Egg wrapped in a Serpent, Archaios Ophis (Ancient Serpent), Superconsciousness (Illumination), Lucidity, Nous (Divine Mind), Neshamah (Divine Breath): Kether-Chokhmah-Binah, Yechidah (The Only One): Kether, Bindu, Atman, Ipsissimus, Abrasax (Two in One), Baphomet (Baptism of Wisdom): Hieroglyph of Arcane Perfection, Divine/Cosmic Consciousness: Lucifer - Indra - Shamash/Moses - Krishna - Christ - Quetzalcoatl - Apollo - Adonis - Osiris - Odin - Buddha - Thammuz - Mithras - Dionysus - Prometheus - Shiva - Satan (& all Sun Gods, Child Gods, & Gods of Transcendence).


Magickal Formula:

The Pentagram:
Fire      -     Water   -   Air     -     Earth      -     Spirit.
Light     -     Love    -   Liberty  -  Life        -      Law.
Perception - Passion -   Power -   Putrification - Peace.
Darkness  -  Debauch - Destiny  - Death       -    Discord.

Emotional Engineering (Paraphrased from Phil Hine: "The Pseudonomicon")
1. Fully Experience feeling when gripped by powerful emotion.
2. Be aware of physical sensations as emotion intensifies.
3. Still your inner dialogue, memories, generation of fantasies, etc.
4. Be aware of only body sensations, still all cognitive attempts to identify these sensations as one emotion or another.
5. Experience free-emotion which can be redefined as pleasure or ecstasy, for use in ego-magic, & denying power to Personal Demons. Deconstruct anger or fear into excitement which can be used to gain momentum for moving over a threshold into change, rather then reinforcing resistance.

A.B.C.D.E. (from: The Relaxation Workbook)
1. Adversity: Situation, person or thing giving trouble in some way.
2. Beliefs in error about the problem that cause suffering.
3. Challenge of false beliefs, stopping the process of self-torment.
4. Decision to eliminate false beliefs & replace with positive beliefs.
5. Energize Self & Will with new feelings of control that bring empowermen

S.P.L.I.F.F. (Phil Hine: "Condensed Chaos")
1. Statement of Intent: Formulate clear Magickal intention, divine & analyze Quest.
2. Pathways available: Open path for results to manifest along as desired.
3. Link intent to symbolic carrier: Sigil, Monogram, Glyph, Mantra, etc.
4. Intense Gnosis/Indifferent Vacuity: to create an altered state.
5. Fire: Project at peak into the Void/Multiverse (As a Photon Torpedo).
6. Forget: I donít need to remember that right now.

A WOGSS Formula:
1. Transgression (of social taboos)
2. Transcendence (of old paradigm/restrictions)
3. Transmission (of new Gnosis to others, spiritual grounding of force)


Occult Priestcraft for Self & Others.

(Expanded from a list in Peter Carols "Liber Null & Psychonaut" & other sources).

1. To provide/elicit Active & Passive (Magickal & Mystical) techniques of Emotional Engineering: starting, stopping, & changing emotional states & consciousness at will.

2. To provide/elicit perspectives of Meaning, Knowledge, Power, Peace, Purpose, Mystery, Joy, Free Belief, True Will, etc.

3. To provide Intercession & Intervention with Magickal & Spiritual assistance & ways of affecting Reality; blessing/cursing, exorcism, cleansing, psychic protection, divination, creation & use of Magickal Tools & Weapons, Power Objects, & Talismans.

4. To provide/elicit explanations & preparations for Death, reconciliation, release, peace, practice, & inter-death guidance (Metempsychosis).

5. To formulate a Zone, Movement, or Cult to engage Holy Warriors to wage Psychic Guerrilla Cultural Warfare against dogmatism, restriction, intolerance, exclusivity, stupidity, neophobia, oppression, prejudice, consumerism, materialism, & anti-human Institutional Religious Systems.

6. To provide/elicit Sacred Rites to Initiate, Illuminate, Liberate, Empower, Activate, & Enable Individuals to take control of their own Spirituality & find their own True Will.

7. To facilitate Human Evolution by formulating/eliciting new Paradigms/Metaphors & their Symbols, Cultivating Cultural Catalysts, Immanentizing the Eschaton, preparing for the Next Step (see Eschaton List), Inciting Emergent Intelligence, & Formulating Magickal Links with Higher Intelligence to transmit the New Current (93) to Humankind.

8. To Attain & Incite Higher Awareness, Trance, Visions, Transcendental Illumination, Gnosis, Buddhi, Dhyana, Samadhi, Satori, Sunyata, Lucidity, Individual Enlightenment & Universal Liberation, Mystical Union, Magickal Initiation, & the Great Work : to Purify, Organize, & Consecrate the lower self (ego & elements of the psyche), & Unite it with the True Self (HGA), (see Great Work & Holy Guardian Angel Lists).

9. To Administer Sacraments including: Communion & Eucharists via the Gnostic Mass, Mass of Chaos, Mass of the Phoenix, etc. for purpose of Invocation, Consecration, Ordination, Enchantment, Initiation, Healing, Celebration, Baptism, Rites of Passage, Sacred Unions, Thanatosis (Death), & Honoring of Dead Ancestors or Other Spirits/Gods.

10. To Discourse - to those who are interested - widely, wisely, convincingly & with Authority on Magickal & Mystical matters, & give Spiritual Instruction generally.

11. To Explore Psychic Realms, Astral Planes, Numenal Worlds, Transpersonal Realities, the Collective Unconscious, Non-Local dimensions, Lucid Dreams, etc.

12. To Serve the Gods & Their Plan on Earth as may be needed at any given time & place.


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