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Amazing Occult Links

New Links!


New Paranormal Links

Marik's Z(Cluster) Page (Main Chaos Magick Site)

Shub (Chaotic)

The Chaos Matrix (Fenwick)

Death and Hell (Black Chaos Magick)

Havoc23 (Chaos Magick)

Matrix of Milosh (Chaos)

Veedubs' Tarot (Chaos Tarot Cards)

Phil Hine (a5e. At the Edge of Chaos)

Thee Sigil Garden (Sigils, A.O.S., T.O.P.Y.)

UK I.O.T. (Illuminates of Thanateros)

Thee Process 

Temple of Set (Ancient post-Satanists)

Society for the Promulgation of the Religion of Thelema WebRing

Villa of the Mysteries (Tim Marony, Thelema)

Interactive Thelemic Study Resources (Much useful  material, including some of the free clip art on this site!)

Diamondstar 418 (Beautiful Thelemic Art & Ideas)

Thelema Zone 

Ecclesia Gnostica Universalis (Thelemic Gnostics)

Hermetic Alchemical Order of the QBLH

Blue Honey (Much Psychedelics, Gaia, Science, Spirituality, Time, Image Gallery) (Section 23, OTO & all kinds of Occulture & Info) (Wonderful Astro-theological Truth about the Pagan origins, & Lies of, Judaism, X-tianity and Islam) (More as above)

Gnostic Friends Network (Alternative X-tianity)

Mass of the Mother (Gnostic Church of St. Mary Magdalene)

Anathema Books (Many Heavy Occult Titles)

Temple of Hecate (Greek Goddess Oracle)

Alamantra (Occult Band and Links)

Old Hornies Cunning Ways

Black Fire Pandemonium (Russian Satanism)

Devils Pitch Fork Society (F.C.o.S. Associates)

The 600 Club (Satanic Online Community)

Dark Arena (Dark Erotica Articles & Links)

Occult World Ledger (Occult, Wiccan & Paranormal Web)

SorcerySearch (Occult & Magick Search Engine)

Hermeticka (Cerimonial Magick Web-Store) (Hypnotherapist)


New UFO, Crop Circles and Related Phenomena Links  (Dan Irrerra) (Freedom of Info Files)  (UFO files) (Linda Moulton Howe) (Self Mastery Earth Institute) (X-tian UFO opponents) (Anti-UFO X-tian) (Transformation) (Flying Living Rods) (Cosmology of the Bagavata Purana) (Conspiracy + Predictions) (All your favorite conspiracy investigators)

Montauk Project (Conspiracies in Conspiracies)





Great Older Links

Xendaths Links (Lilith, Thelema, Xaos, Eastern, Gnostic, More)

Thelema-Eros Christo-Paganism Ring

Aleister Crowley Foundation

Antichrist's Haven

First Church of Satan (Not LaVey's CoS)

The Satanic Society (FCoS, Thelema, Wicca, Vampires, Temple of Set, Alchemy, Druids,  Necronomicon, Occult Library, Order Of Shaitan)

Pagan, LHP, Satanism, Druidry, Shamanism, Thelema, Wicca, Psych, Parapsych

Society for the Promulgation of the Religion of Thelema Webring

Quickening News, Art Bell (End-Times News stories)

Outside the Lightcone, Mark Pesce (Incredible Important Information!)

Proceedings of the Friesian School, Fourth Series (Advanced Philosophy)

Alternative Religions

Crystals' Many Metaphysical & Scientific Links

G. M. Kelly, The Sword of Horus 

UFOs & Religion

Links to International Caliphate-OTO Bodies 

Church of the SubGenius

Many Discordian & Related Links



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Pandemonaeon (The Chaos Aeon)

AutonomatriX (Chaotes)

Thelemic Golden Dawn (REALity Unveiled.  Shadow People Sightings) (Many More Occult Links) (Graham Bertsol) (Crop Circles) (Whitley Strieber)

Master Perdurabo Joeri Offecier's Bookmarks (Over 800 links:'s_list.html

Lucifer(a) Research Group