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Daemonolatriea : The Grimiores of Daemonic Whoreship

Presenting the Daemonolatriea, a Wild Funhouse Soul-Mirror for the post Y2K Evolutionary Apotheosis!  You'll gasp with disbelief when you actually see this stunning series of Arcane publications: the Daemonolatriea: our semi-annual, 40+ page, self-printed chapbook Journals of Magickal Chaos, Occult Rebellion & Art for Babalon!

Free Your Mind & Soul!

Each issue is a Super-Suggestive Collage/Collection of Occult Art, Axioms, Affirmations, Ideas, Icons, Images, Fetishes, Rituals, & Teachings from Magical Belief Systems of All Ages! Automatically Inspires Instant Illumination! - in those who are "ready"! Liberate your mind from old false beliefs and illusions & install your choice of unlimited new ones! Become your own High Priest of the only "One True God" that really matters: YOURSELF! Let us give you the spiritual tools to put Your Soul back into your own hands! You must find for yourself your True Will, & do it & only it, or be unconsciously swept away in the meaningless busyness of a predefined -or undefined- life! (a fate truly worse then death!) 

Who are WOGSS!?

The Daemonolatriea is created and distributed (with help from friends and Allies Worldwide) by Rev, Adtrian Cain, Primate Illuminatus, alter-ego of Godfrey H. Slayne (JHS), Arch Operations Instigator of WOGSS: Whores of Goddess Scientists, "A Goddess Chaos Crowley Kali Qovan", an Independent Religious Order of "Anarcho-Gnostic, Thelemic, Psychick, Scientists." We are Polycultural, Polytheistic, & Polyamorous; Anti-racist, Anti-stateist, & Anti-dogmatic; and we pursue the Antinomian Path of Scientific Illuminism! We have no open membership, but publish our Art & Ideas to Trade with & Inspire Independent Minds everywhere!

Spiritual Revolution!

Each issue of our Daemonolatriea is an Amazing Artistic Announcement of Spiritual Warfare: a Relentless Super-Unnatural Assault on parochial, paternalistic, & exclusionist restrictions on Individual Free Will in the Realm of the Spiritual, Sexual, Social & Trans-Personal expressions of Humankinds Infinite Possibilities!

Take Back Your Soul!

Every issue contains concentrated Keys of Praeternatural Power & Understanding available together in no other single place ever! Each page is a vibrant, dense collage a thousands of distinct Spiritual Symbols & Magick Sigils, Goddesses, Demons, Aliens, Concepts, & Chaos, together with many Diagrams, Table, Charts, & Lists of essential Symbolic & Qabalistic Data! In all they expound a total system of Occult Science & Alternative Religious Experience, for those who are ready, including many Esoteric Spiritual Practices we dare you to try!  We will blow your mind away!

Exploding Cultural Barriers

The First in our continuing series is the WOGSS No-Rulesbook, An Alien Art Anticodebook, the Anticryptographa!  This preliminary volume provides direct visual/conceptual access to the Deepest & Strangest areas of Magickal (Un)Belief, including but not nearly limited to Lucid dreaming, Alien Communion, Sacred Whoredom, Satanick Science, Personal Power, & the Great Work of personal & Worldwide Illumination! All following issues are the working Grimiores of the actual Daemonolatriea  series, the Game Itself! 

Embrace the Magick Within!

Each Daemonolatriea Grimiore contains diverse instructions for personal experience with Ritual/Ceremonial, Sexual, Goetic, Gnostic, Kabalistic, Enochian, Thelemic, Satanick, Shamanic, Astrological, Pagan, Chaoist, Draconian, Cthonian, Tantric, Voudon, Alien, &/or many more Polycultural Spiritual Practices to bring the Transcendent Mysteries back into your own life!  Each contains numerous Invocations, Adorations, Conjurations, Incantations, Mantras, Meditations, Illuminations, & Initiations, & every element necessary to create Rites & Spells for any purpose you desire! Enter the Unknown & claim your Human Birthright of Communion with the Higher Powers of the Universe! Confront your own Gods & Demons personally & make them serve your True Will!  

Be Aware! Be Ready! An Apocalyptic Awakening is Approaching!

Discover Hidden Clues to Surviving the Soul Stunning Wonders & Horrors soon coming to you at the Apotheosis of Human History! It's Armageddon or Our Awakening! So, to help you get even more Info you won't find elsewhere but will need, each individual issue of the Daemonolatriea includes the Total Ads Listings, including 100's of Internet Web Sites & 300+ Free Worldwide Contact Ads, just updated July 2000, for the most incredible Occult, Revolutionary, Anarchic, Sacred, Satanic, Sexual, & Radical Activist Groups & Individuals on the Planet! (and you can send in yours for free now!)


Each issue is 40+, 81/2 by 11" pages, now for only$7.00, two for $13.00 or any three issues for $18.00 in cash, trade, stamps, or checks made to "cash". Get free strange surprises with every Order! Send all orders, questions, suggestions, contacts, clippings, chaos, & art donations to:

WOGSS, c/o Rev. Adtrian Cain, 1032 Irving St., PMB#906, San Francisco, CA, 94122, USA


Explicit Graphics & Ideas, Adults 18+ Only!

Get prepared or be scared as life becomes increasingly bizarre from here on out!  Take a chance and learn to think in new ways with the incredible "Rorschach tests" of the Daemonolatriea!

The Future is Now!

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