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 Awakening the Future, Transcending Armageddon, Transcending Homo Sapiens!

Welcome to the WOGSS "Daemonolatriea" Web-pages! These pages are continually added to with new Magickal Ontology, Subversive Theology, Cultural Warfare Plans, Priestly Powers & Duties, Ceremonial Rites, Daemonic Whoreship, Guerilla Theology, Spiritual Self-Initiation Programs, Occult Art, the Law of Thelema, Amazing Links to the cutting edge of Scientific Discovery & Arcane Philosophy, and much more!
Check out the following informative pages of WOGSS Occult Teachings, or Read On this page to get a general overview if this is your first time. (We promise to be gentle)

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Open Letter to Allies  (broader Introduction)
WOGSS Terms, Plans & Instructions (save the World, Save Yourself)

WOGSS Theology & Occult Rituals (Adoration of Babalon, Luciferic Ascension, Hymn To Lucifer) 
the Daemonolatriea (Ideas, Contents & Ordering)
Occult Art
Wild Writings (New Questions Christians Can't Answer - Proof Lazarus was Osiris. And New Quotations. Also: Alliterative Artillery)
Key Links (Many New Links as of 3-23-02!) 
New Rituals  Liber Resh 2, Expanded Adorations of the Sun! Also related Qabalistic Tables. And see new very effective "First Principles" List!
Dualities Unified:  New Valuable information on the Reconciliation of Opposites on All Planes, the most important Work of any Magician! Includes List of 321+ Syzigies: Polarities/Dualities/Antinomies in the realms of the Universal, Spiritual, Psychological, & Social Dimentions of Being.
New Lists of Key Occult Concepts: The Great Work, The Eschaton (End of the World), & the Holy Guardian Angel. Also Useful Magickal Formulas, & Occult Priestcraft for Self &Others!
New Page of Banners of the Best Occult & Alternative Sources!

  All data by: WOGSS: Whores of Goddess Scientists. All Questions, Comments, Orders, etc. to: Rev. Adtrian Cain, 1032 Irving St. PMB #906, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94122,  USA                       New E-mail:  jeff-free@cosmiverse.com

The Rev. Adtrian Cain is A Magical Persona of Godfrey H. Slayne (JHS) an Independent Thelemic Priest & Magician, above all other qualities, who is always searching for, & finding, new belief systems to explore & synthesize with his understanding of his True Will in the World according to the Law of Thelema: Do what thou wilt. He has formulated WOGSS to express his current feelings in this area, to incite insight & discussion, & to encourage all to devote themselves to the Only thing that matters: the revealing of their True Will & Self behind the false ego of petty desires, capricious whims, feeble fears, & the forced role-playing of modern society!

WOGSS is:  A Goddess Chaos Crowley Kali Qovan:  An Independent, non-dogmatic, non-local, Scientific/Religious Order of: "Anarcho-Gnostic, Thelemic, Discordian, Draconian, Scientists". We have no regular "membership", & no "representatives", whoever claims to be of us is lying. However Any who explore the Unknown with open minds, with the goal of Knowing & Becoming their True Selves, & tells us about it, can be Allies of WOGSS, or "Polywogss", if they so will. 
Our Spiritual Aim is Union with the True Self within, knowledge of the True Will of ones being, & then, Devotion to the Great Goddess, the Mystery of Mystery, the infinite Unknown in Everything. Our Method is the Scientific application of the Law of Thelema: "Do what thou wilt", in the post-modern Deconstructed World of accelerating Chaos, Terror, &Wonder.

Here you will find Practical Actions to Illuminate & Liberate yourself & others from the restrictions of both False Religion and False Materialism, putting Your Soul back in Your Own Hands! But more then that our Work is to work for the Revolution that is occurring all around us right now! It hardly takes Prophetic Revelations to predict the Immanence of Humankinds Next Step!  
Specifically, we expect a stunning series of  R-Evolutions in the nature of Knowledge, Consciousness, Society, & Human Life itself,  due to a convergence of wildly different scientific discoveries in the realms of genetic engineering, bio-chemistry alteration, neurological manipulation, psychotronics, multiplying computing power, robotics, micro-engineering (nano-technology), Artificial Intelligence, & nuclear-&-astro-physics, among many others. These factors as well as countless individual Spiritual breakthroughs, (as well as ecological collapse, fundamentalist terrorist attacks, & unstoppable super-viruses) will soon sweep away our ideas of Human "civilization" as surly as our species swept away, and assimilated, the pre-existing Neanderthal cultures, or they the earlier primate ape societies from which we came, and so on, over and over again. 
Though it brings unimaginable chaos and upheaval we eagerly await the New Life, the Higher Beings we must become, and will become if we can Willfully Realize our True Selves, & open our minds to embrace the seemingly terrifying possibilities of the limitless Unknown in our Immediate Future!

  Or did you think evolution was finished with our pathetic ape asses?

We work to prepare for the Future, to Awaken as many as possible to work also to Liberate Humankind from the mental limitations and religious restrictions of the past. Our preference is to present, within the context of the Law of Thelema, new forms of Worship, & Experience of what is commonly called the "Darkside", the Left Hand Path, the rejected realm of the  feared, forbidden, & above all  feminine aspects of Divinity. These include all things characteristic of the Stellar, Lunar & Terrestrial Archetypes (Star, Moon & Earth Goddesses), Undifferentiated Wholeness, Deep Oceans of Water & of Space, the Night, the Unknown, the Underworld, Initiation, Cycles of Ancient & Future Time, Primal Chaos, Old Wilderness, Oozing Rain Forests, Deadly Deserts, Birthing & Planting as well as Dieing & Harvesting, the Physical Body itself, (Hedonism & Mortality) & the hidden (Occult) & suppressed (Heretical) Ideas, Images, and Practices of the Worlds many Indigenous Ancient (& Future) Spiritual Alternatives to the Lying patriarchal monotheism of Judeo-Christian-Muslim "authorities"! (see Dualities Unified List)
We say "To the Angel through the Goddess, to the Goddess through the Angel", as the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel/Daemon, Union with your True Self & Will (not just exalting the many petty desires & fears of the merely human self & will, as in modern "American" Satanism) is the First Necessary Task for the successful Evolution of Humankind, as well as its' survival! These two elements  intertwine, the Goddess Without, the Angel Within, in our personal Theology, which is based above all on the Holy Books of Thelema and The Book of the Law. Our Work, again, is to scientifically  understand, purify, balance, consecrate & Initiate the lower ego or self (the Pentagram), & then Unite it by "Love under Will" with its True Source and Will (the Hexagram, God, the Holy Guardian Angel/Daemon, Yourself in the Future, etc.), and then devote All of our True Self to the further Love & Union with the Great Goddess, NUIT, the Absolute within & beyond being, so that every act is a step on the eternal "Pathless Path" of the Great Work! 

To better prepare your mind for the Expansion & Acceleration of Life and Consciousness, & subliminally promote the Union of Opposites on every plane, we also offer a Post-modern Necronomicon, our printed Occult-Art-&-Thought-Collage Zine/Grimiore, the Daemonolatriea! the "Book of Daemonic Whoreship" or of Union with your Daemon/Angel/True Self. It is Your Direct source for the ideas & images of WOGSS' Spiritual Warfare &  Sacred-Science Experiments with the Feared, Forbidden, & Feminine Sides of Occult lore & Magickal (Un)Belief! 
WOGSS transmits Occult Rebellion through Electronic, Printed, Audio & Psychick Media Worldwide & Beyond...  Open the Doors & Enter the Dangerous, Daemonic realms of the Unknown! Come & See (And Use!) for Yourself the bizarre Mysteries beyond good and evil, openly displayed on this Site, & more fully in our printed Grimiore/Zines the surrealistic Daemonolatriea Journals!

If you Desire to Know more that cannot be shown here, feel free to contact us by E-Mail or snail mail to Ask Questions, or to order the Daemonolatriea Occult Art Grimiores/Zines;  or just send any Trade of Chaos, Clip-Art, News clippings, Key Thoughts, Secret Codes, Scientific Breakthroughs, Icons, Idols, Images, Illustrations, Gods & Goddesses, Beasts, Freaks, Monsters, Demons, Devils, Lies, Alien Sightings, Magick Symbols, Marks of the Beast, Visions & Voices, Paradigms, Prophecies, Points of View, Teachings, Transmissions, Transcendence, Supernatural Events, Manifestoes of Rebellion, Satanick Offerings, Insights, Games, Jokes, Lucid Dreams, Forbidden Knowledge, & Any & All Occulture, Ideas, Insights, & Information, and Contact Addresses, and we will respond with much of the same!

(Now, for our many P.O.V.'s Go Down Philosophies' Pit with some 111 Basic Magickal Axioms & Assertions). 

Do What Thou Wilt (93) shall be the whole of the Law!

 There is No division between the Spirit and the Flesh.

There is No division between the Light and the Dark.

Becoming Lightning the Dog threw back the Veil.

 The Overman shall be The Meaning of the Earth.

 Every number is Infinite, there is no difference.

The Gods of the Old are the Devils of the New.

The Devils of the Old are the Gods of the New.

 There is no law beyond : Do What Thou Wilt.

The Whole is more then the sum of Its parts.

 Every Point is the Center of the Universe.

 Become the Beast, Whoreship the Whore!

 Raise not Up what you can put not Down.

 Truth to the Higher is a Lie to the Lower.

 Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

 Infinite Tolerance save for Intolerance.

 Every Man & Every Woman is a Star.

Every Individual Manifests the Whole.

The Whole Conceals every Individual.

Thou hast no right but to do thy will.

The Kingdom of God is Within You.

 Identification Damns Individuality.

All Things Fornicate All The Time.

Philology Recapitulates Ontology.

 There are no Innocent Bystanders.

Nothing neither is nor is not True.

 Paradox is the Question of Chaos.

 Imagine Your Dreams as Reality.

You can't free a fish from Water.

 The Word of the Law is Thelema.

 Love is the law, love under will.

 The Key of Joy is Disobedience.

 Truth is a Three Edged Sword.

 The word of Sin is Restriction.

  All Symbols Refer to Yourself.

  There is No God but Yourself.

 The Sum of All Minds is One.

 The Map is not the Territory.

The Frontline is Everywhere.

 Illumination or Elimination.

 Complacency is Complicity.

 You are It, but It is not you.

 Become Everyone You Are.

 Christianity Equals Death.

 Immanentize the Eschaton.

 Hail Draconia! Be Lucifer!

 To Question is the Answer.

  The Way In is the Way Out. 

 The Dreamer must Awake!

 Don't Confuse the Planes.

 Individuality is Rebellion.

 Unite with your True Self.

 You are Your Own Truth.

You are the Hidden God.

Change Equals Stability.

Evolution or Extinction.

One World, One Person.

Embrace Your Shadow.

 Read between the Lies.   

 Wake Up in the Dream.    

 Strength Through Joy.    

 The Going is the Goal.    

 Existence is Pure Joy.    

This is Not a Website.    

Creation Never Ends.    

 Chaos is Paradoxical.     

 Paradox is Chaotic.     

 As Above, So Below.     

 Rise Up and Awake!     

 Fear Not Any At All.    

 One World or None!    

 There is no Religion.    

No God is One God.   

 Endure & Conquer.    

Seeing is Deceiving.   

Everything is Verb.    

Change is Stability.    

Everything is Fire.    

Set Yourself Free.    

Follow Your Bliss.    

Rise Up & Awake!    

  You are the Alien.    

Know Thy Selves.    

Today is the Day!    

Truth is Invisible.    

Question Reality.    

Awaken Yourself.    

You are the Law.    

You are the Art.    

Gnosis is Power.    

Devil May Care.    

Seize the Light.    

Ordo Ab Chao.    

Choose Choice.    

Be thou Hadit.    

Thou art that.    

Defy the Lie!    

Do Thy Will.    

We Are One.    

Question it!    

All is in All.    

A is Not A.    

Be Lucid!     

I am You.      

Get Set!     












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